Cobalt Solutions are developed through consultations with our partners and can take one of many different options, or indeed a combination of opportunities. For example

  • release equity from assets

  • refurbish or upgrade your accommodation

  • develop out surplus land

  • wholesale relocation and redevelopment

  • sale & leaseback

  • space rationalisation

  • acquisition and expansion

The case studies hopefully demonstrate how we have worked with occupiers, land owners, developers and businesses to develop solutions that meet both parties objectives in a cost effective and efficient manner. Property is a liquid asset and is often over looked.

Some £18bn is "wasted" by UK businesses per annum through inefficient utilisation of assets and mis-management of property costs. Our solutions are aimed at helping businesses address many of these issues and ensuring that property contributes to the operating business rather than hinder its development. We can help you recover your share of £18bn!

For more information please email Chris Swan or call 01789 414106