Q. How can I release equity from my property assets quickly?
A. Cobalt is able to draw on significant private funds of cash and decisions can be made within hours of inspecting the site and receiving relevant paperwork. No third party approvals from "boards" or "committees" is required.

Q. Is a Sale & Leaseback the best solution for my business?
A. Potentially not. We can offer structured finance solutions that may not require a business to enter into a long term lease commitment. Cobalt will seek to identify a solution that meets your business objectives and will help support and grow your business rather than remove flexibility or control.

Q. What is a Structured Finance solution?
A. Difficult to be specific without a live example (refer to some of our case studies) but it aims to offer a solution somewhere between freehold ownership which ties up capital in illiquid assets and a lease which removes control and flexibility away from the business to a landlord who can limit the activities of the business and future opportunities.

Q. Why should I talk to Cobalt?
A. Others have and experience shows that a viable partnership can be developed that will meet both parties objectives that few other organisations can match.

Q. Will Cobalt invest directly in my business?
A. In the right circumstances, YES, but each opportunity needs to be considered on its merits.

Q. If I call to discuss an opportunity, will it be treated confidentially?
A. Most definitely, YES. Contact will only be made with the enquirer in the manner requested and no site visits or investigations will be undertaken without consultation first.

Q. Why should I talk to Cobalt and not to a Property Agent?
A. Cobalt will act totally confidentially and is not seeking a commission or introductory fee and will not discuss the prospect with other potential investors or developers

Q. Are there any sectors Cobalt will not consider?
A. Probably not, try us! (albeit we have not yet done anything in the energy generation or marine development sectors)