Do you have land or property to sell?
Wherever it is in the UK you'll find talking to our specialist team refreshingly easy.
We're happy to consider smaller parcels of land with or without current buildings
where larger developers would show little interest - typically 1.5 to 7 acres.
We're always looking for:

Single industrial units
> Multi-let estates and portfolios
> Offices, either vacant or fully let
Retail units and shopping parades
Properties in need of refurbishment
> Short leases
> Residential developments

Do you lack the resources to get the best out of your property assets?
The Cobalt team have extensive experience in most property sectors and locations. They will be able to help you improve the performance of your property assets with a view to maximising your core business potential.

The resources to act quickly
Cobalt is an independent company with strong internal financial resources.
With no need for third party funding we can move forward quickly. No red tape,
no endless waiting. If your property is right for a Cobalt Centre, we could help you
realise your asset fast. So why not contact us now to discuss matters.